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Magic @ Work

By Christian Vandsø Andersen

How a Passion for Magic and an Executive Position at the LEGO group shaped Innovative Principles for Unpredictable Times.

Use the secrets of magic to

Innovate, Inspire and Influence

Senior executive by day, mind reader by night. What happens, when you bring the tools of the mentalist to work and unleash your hidden powers.

Christian Vandsø

About the author

Vice President at the LEGO Group by day, Mind reader by night. With several university degrees under his belt, Christian is combining practical experience as a senior executive and magician with bonafide science.

Yes, of course, there is magic in this book.How can you learn to be a magician at work without first learning magic? Several of Christian's most popular tricks and effects are being explained so YOU can perform them at your next gathering.As you learn amazing feats of mentalism, you will gently be exposed to how the mindset of a magician can be employed at work.Primarily for leadership purposes and applicable whether you are leading people, projects, a business, or yourself.

Illustrated by

Hand crafted artwork

Magic @ Work is beautifully designed with hand crafted illustrations. The illustrations are large paintings currently on loan to a local gallery.

Pick a card

How do magicians influence

Learn the secret "language within the language" that speaks directly to the subconscious mind

Do you know

The power of narratives

You are not you - you are your narrative. Learn how to control your organizational narrative through magical storytelling

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Amazing insights into

Leadership in complexity.
Boosting innovation
Organizational narratives
A real learning organization
Double down on your leadership by applying just those four principles.

Discover the powers of


Blending engaging stories from his own unexpected journey with research-backed insights, Christian guides readers through the principles of illusion, curiosity, motivation, complexity, and language that empower leaders to imagine new possibilities, spark innovation, and transform their organizations.Learn how techniques like the “Illusion Question” can unlock ideas unconstrained by reality. Discover why “Dynamic Focus” is the key to boosting creativity. Understand how to apply nearly magical rhetorical skills to inspire and influence others ethically.Whether you lead people, projects, products, or businesses, Christian’s unique perspective will help you see leadership through a magician’s lens. You’ll never look at a magic trick the same way again.If you want to think differently, lead differently, and achieve the remarkable, this book won’t just illuminate new concepts—it may just leave you wondering “How did he do that?” Pick up a copy of Magic @ Work today and prepare for a leadership journey like no other.

Learn about

The leadership playground

The innovative leadership model that powers the LEGO Group.Learn how it was created - by someone who was actually there - creating it.



Christian wrote this book while terminally ill with cancer. If he is not responding to your messages, he has probably passed away.While the sadness of knowing he was dying sometimes shines through, Magic @ Work is, in general, filled with warmth and love - and a lot of humor.

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